a new kind of telemedicine

Pet Care, Anywhere.

A fast and secure way to see your patients.

Expand your service offering and provide video consultations to your clientele today.

Turn your living room to a waiting room. Connect with your vet on your tablet, laptop or smart phone.

Designed for virtual consultations.

Our telemedicine platform will have you connected to your clients virtually, so your patients get the care they need, remotely.

go virtual now

See your clients virtually.

We have built a telemedicine solution so you can connect with your clients and see your patients in minutes.

A simple solution for your telemedicine needs.

Our easy-to-use cloud based software complements your existing workflow.  No downloads and no integration needed.

Why Vetsie


Secure video consultations from your clinic or your home office.

Increased Revenue

Set your own rates and receive payments automatically.


Prioritize in-clinic consultations and increase efficiency.


Better for you,
Better for pets,
Better for your practice.

We understand your practice needs. Vetsie fits into your daily workflow with our custom scheduling options.

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